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Moving on so your future can flourish.

When I started Chic Next Door, my very first blog post I promised to be completely transparent with my followers. I am continuing to keep my word by sharing with you why I haven’t been as consistent daily on my blog as I should be.  

I started this blog because I wanted to encourage, uplift, and empower other women and other entrepreneurs. One thing that I have noticed along my journey of bumps in the road, is that in order to flourish in your future you have to let go of negative things in your past. 

After being married for 14 years my husband and I separated and it was not an amicable separation. It has been a very nasty, hurtful, emotional, toxic and draining divorce on both parts. That negativity began to pour over into my personal life, my work life, my emotional health, my mental health and my physical health. It affected how I was going to run my business and household. I had to ask myself how could I be an inspiration to other women if I’m not an inspiration to myself? 

So I want to encourage you no matter what type of negative experience you may have going on in your life whether it be a separation, divorce, ending a longterm friendship, or family issues… you have to release the past and put your best foot forward so that your future can flourish. I want to give my all to Chic Next Door, I want to keep you guys coming back for more content and learning experiences.

I’m no longer going to allow anything to disturb my peace or to interrupt my calling of inspiring, uplifting and empowering other women, other female entrepreneurs, other dreamers and other doers. So I ask that you please come back daily to Chic Next Door for inspiration, fashion, style tips, beauty tips, product reviews and to shop with some amazing small businesses. Feel free to share your input and suggestions on what would be great content that you’d like to see on Chic Next Door. 

Thanks for reading,


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Welcome to Chic Next Door! I started Chic Next Door to have a creative niche that is tailored around my love for fashion and beauty. I am a curvy plus size influencer from New York and believe in positive body image and confidence. Everyone can be chic, fashionable and a diva at any size and on any budget!! Here at Chic Next Door you will find motivational and inspirational quotes daily. I have a personal fashion corner featuring the newest trends and some of the dopest Boutiques and designers you can purchase from. I am a huge advocate of supporting others in this business and pushing them to win, So every week Chic Next Door will feature a “Influencer of the week”. Social media has some amazing influencers of every size, culture and backgrounds and you’ll get to meet many of them here!! You will ALWAYS get transparency from me, I keep it real, straight forward and to the point. Dont forget to check out the social section of the page to see my IG feed and see my Exclusive show Chic Next Door for IGTV. We talk fashion, beauty, and real everyday life issues. Please enjoy the content on the page, live, love laugh!